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Creme Brulee Burners

At Horeca Traders you can go for professional crème brûlée burners and accompanying refills. For example, a chef's roaster comes in handy for flambéing or making crème brûlée. In addition, you can of course also safely light candles and gas burners. Horeca Traders also supplies burners that are wind resistant with adjustable flame, ideal for the busy kitchen.

Make creme brûlée or tarte-tattin?

The Vogue Mini Chef's Burner is suitable for the finishing touch to your crème brûlée, tarte-tattin and any other sugar finish. This Vogue chef's burner has an adjustable flame and a gas filling with a burning time of 2 hours. This chef's burner is refillable with the Horeca Traders Gas filling 220g .


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