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Display Showcase buy at HorecaTraders

Are you looking for a refrigerated display case that can be placed on a table? The refrigerated display cases table for you than a perfect choice. The cooled table display cases come in many different shapes and sizes, from cakes showcases for refrigerated display cases sandwiches. The multifunction table display cases are ideal if you are for example, showcases want a desk. Due to the modern design fit the chiller cabinet table models in any professional environment. Through the glass display table in the refrigerated display cases, customers will be more inclined to make impulse purchases. For example pastries, sandwiches and drinks in the display table display cases.

A very popular model table display is the Saro Structure Refrigerated display case Black - 100 liters . This Saro glass refrigerated display case is perfect to showcase soft drinks, sandwiches or other impulse purchases. This Saro refrigerated display is very flexible in use by two adjustable plasticized grilles. The Saro table display also features interior, making Saro table refrigerated display fits at home in bars.

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