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Cooled 2-door buy saladette?

Horeca Traders delivers two-door mini-salad from the best brands, such as Bars Cher, Saro and Polar. The 2-door refrigerated salad ettes are ideal for sandwich shops, kiosks, or to prepare appetizers and salads. The spacious two-door saladette range are many different types available refrigerated preparation tables. As offers Catering Traders refrigerated salad mini-telescopic sliding lids or granite worktop. Additionally, you could lose your stock of fresh vegetables and other ingredients at the bottom of the saladette in the refrigerator.

The Saro Catering Sala Zodiac example, is a very popular two-door saladette. The Saro saladette has an internal fan that provides extra long keeping fresh of ingredients. The inside of this Saro saladette of aluminum, the exterior is stainless steel. There are different formats for GN containers as possible so you can create exactly the format you need. The Saro saladette is very user-friendly. So this Saro saladette features an electronically adjustable thermostat. In this preparatory Saro-saladette comes with 2 year warranty.

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