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Thermo Future Box

Thermo Future Box

At Horeca Traders you are at the right place for your thermoboxes. Our Thermo Future boxes are perfect for transporting hot or cold meals, lunches, sandwiches, ice cream, drinks, fruit and vegetables and anything you can imagine. The boxes are insulated and made of EPP.


EPP is expanded polypropylene. So no styrofoam! This material is much stronger than polystyrene foam, and it also insulates better. The material is lightweight, break-resistant, robust, durable and hygienic. In short, the perfect material to keep temperature, and to think of the environment. This material insulates from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C!


The Thermo Future thermoboxes are for numerous applications. Think of restaurants, the butchers, catering, meal services, baker or pastry chef. The thermoboxes are designed according to size for different purposes. But of course you ultimately choose what you want to go for. Depending on your requirements for warm, frozen or chilled fresh products. in addition, you can easily pick up the contents through the recess. There are simple handles on the short side of the box, which ensure that your products are transported from A to B even more easily. The boxes are hygienic and even dishwasher safe!

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