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Gram blastchillers for very fast cooling of food

HorecaTraders supplies Gram blastchillers that provide high-speed, high-speed air over your food, which quickly cools the products. The advantage of this is that bacteria do not get the chance to grow, which benefits the shelf life and quality. In addition, with a Gram quick-freezer / quick-cooler, you can maintain the taste, appearance and nutritional value of the food.

The stainless steel construction of the quick-coolers / freezers ensures long lasting and durable use. The blast freezers are suitable for various GN formats, so you can always find the right blast chiller for your situation.

The Blastchiller SKF20 RVS 230V | 5x1 / 1GN is made of stainless steel both internally and externally. This compact quick-freezer takes place for 5 x 1/1 GN bins and is suitable for intensive use. In addition, you will receive 5 years of warranty on this blastchiller so that quality is guaranteed at all times. GN bins are not included.

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