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Professional electric vegetable sieves

Automatic screening can be found at horecatraders.com. Would you like to use your automatic sieve tomorrow?

Horeca Traders delivers Robot Coupe automatic sieves with which you can make juice, soup, sauce or jam for example. The automatic sieves have a large feed chute through which whole pieces of vegetables or fruit can be fed in its entirety. The easy input also ensures that the processing speed is increased.

A multifunctional Robot Coupe sieve

The Robot Coupe Automatic Sieve C 40 has a built-in output disc, so you can easily scrape the bottom of the bucket. This Robot Coupe automatic sieve has a long pouring spout, so you can also use a large sump tray.

The Robot Coupe Automatic Sieve C 40 runs at 1500 revolutions per minute. This is why this machine is suitable for the big work. The automatic sieve also features a scraper arm, especially for fruits or vegetables with soft flesh such as raspberries, berries or tomatoes. You get a detachable tub, lids and press accessories included with this Robot Coupe sieve.

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