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HorecaTraders supplies induction equipment for professional cooking and home use. The induction plates ensure a safe working environment, because only the pan is hot. This is due to the heat generated by the use of magnetic stainless steel pans. Another advantage of using induction is that you can carefully adjust the temperature. We also provide induction cookers and wipers.

The single and double induction cooking plates are ideal for use as an extension for your current cooking appliance. You plug the power plug into the wall socket and you can start cooking properly. The single and double induction plates are easy to clean and flexible in use. You can also choose an induction cooker with substructure for intensive use.

Induction cookers are safe and energy efficient

The Hendi Induction Cooking Plate comes in handy for every cooking opportunity. This ready-to-use Hendi induction plate can be operated by touch-sensitive keys. The surface is made of ceramic glass and the frame is made of stainless steel material. This Hendi induction cooker is suitable for pans up to a 260 mm ounce.

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