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Horeca flake ice cream makers can be purchased at HorecaTraders

Sharpening machines can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Use your chipping ice machine tomorrow

HorecaTraders supplies flake ice machines for larger restaurants and hotels. The Ice Flake Machines from Bartscher and Diamond deliver high performance even under the most severe conditions. The ice peeling machines are available in versions that can produce up to 850 kg of flake ice per 24 hours. We also offer flake ice machines that store a reserve stock of flake ice, so that you always have enough flake ice in stock.

The Bartscher Sharpening Machine with legs has a production capacity of 120 kg / 24 hours. The Bartscher Ice Peeler is made of CNS 18/10 material and manufactured according to the current CE standards. This Bartscher ice flake machine has a 27kg storage container and is therefore suitable for intensive use. Even at high temperatures and very hard water, this Bartscher chipping ice machine can continue to perform optimally.

For advice or ordering parts, you can always contact our customer service via 072 72 022 53 or [email protected]

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