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You can buy LED displays for your restaurant from HorecaTraders

LED displays can now be found at HorecaTraders. Order LED displays with a delivery time from 24 hours!

Horeca Traders supplies LED displays and window displays, with which you can for example show that your catering establishment is open or closed. We also offer LED display with a running light, with which you can program your own text. The LED window displays are often used to show menu cards and special promotions to the customer.

The Securit window display is suitable for menus and other information. This Securit window display is easy to hang and has four suction cups. The Securit display is only suitable for indoor use and available in 2 sizes.

A suitable LED display to show that your catering facility is open is the HorecaTraders Led Display Opening / Closing . This LED display is light in weight and therefore easy to hang on the wall or in front of the window. The LED screen is only suitable for indoor use.

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