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Buy Gas Stoves 6 - 8 Pits - HorecaTraders

Professional gas cookers can be found at horecatraders.com. Order Today = Your gas cooker delivered with 24/48 hours.

HorecaTraders supplies 6 to 8 pits gas cookers for intensive use in the professional kitchen. The 6 - 8 burner gas cookers are suitable for hotels and restaurants. You can even choose an 8 burner gas stove with 2 ovens. The stainless steel gas cookers are easy to clean and have an attractive appearance. We supply both natural gas and propane gas versions of gas cookers.

The Bartscher 6-burner stove MFG 7360 is equipped with an electric oven and open base. The stainless steel Bartscher gas stove has robust cast iron grids and height adjustable legs. Due to the timeless design, this Bartscher stove fits home in every professional kitchen. The propane nozzles are supplied with the Bartscher gas stove.

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