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You can buy cooling plates online at HorecaTraders.

Cooling plates can be found at HorecaTraders. Order today = use your cooling plate tomorrow.

With the refrigerators from HorecaTraders you can keep products cool and at the same time present them in a beautiful way. The cooling plates are especially useful for buffets or at the restaurant. The cooling plates are supplied in various gastronorm formats. At HorecaTraders you get 2 year warranty on all Saro cooling plates.

You can also go to Horeca Traders for professional cooling elements. You can, for example, use these cooling elements in a thermobox or cool box. Each color has a different solidification point. It is important to take this into account during freezing.

A cooling plate for the buffet

The Saro Cooling Plate 1/6 Gastronorm is a common cooling plate for buffets. This Saro cooling plate maintains a cold temperature for a long time. If you put the Saro cooling plate in the freezer for 4 hours, the cooling plate will be below + 8 ° C for at least 3 hours. The aluminum Saro cooling plates are mounted on rubber feet and have integrated cooling elements.

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