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Sausage heaters and hotdog heaters buy from HorecaTraders

Sausage spoilers buy you at HorecaTraders.com. Ordered today = tomorrow hot sausage!

HorecaTraders sausage heaters are suitable for hot dogs, crackers and many other types of sausages. The sausage heaters are easy to use and manufactured from CNS 18/10 material. Brands like Buffalo, Hendi and Saro provide quality sausage heaters for making the best sausages.

The Saro Hot Dog Warmer | Stainless steel is suitable for efficient preparation of hot dogs in the intensive environment. This Saro sausage heater has a adjustable thermostat with a control lamp. This hotdog warmer also has a sandwich holder, which allows you to work quickly and efficiently. The complete Saro sausage hot set is ideal for use in, for example, a food truck.

HorecaTraders distinguish themselves by fast delivery and good value for money. You can always contact our customer service for parts and special requests.

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