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Barbecue Accessories

Horeca Traders supplies a wide range of barbecue accessories, from charcoal and lava stones to grids and spatulas.

Barbecuing with lava stones?

Lava rocks have grown in popularity in recent years. The advantage over coal barbecues is that lava stones work with gas and are therefore much faster warm. The lava stones ensure an even distribution of the heat. For example, you can choose the Hendi Lava Stones - Fine . The lava stones will last about a year with regular use. You should regularly boil the stones in soda water to remove the absorbed fat.

The right tools are essential

For a successful barbecue it is important that you have the right tools. The Horeca Traders Stainless Steel Barbecue Set consists of four tools with which you are certainly in control of the barbecue. This barbecue set consists of a spatula, tongs, fork and knife.

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