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Buy Electric Fryer Standing Model - HorecaTraders

Horeca fryers can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Morning your fries, fish or churros fry!

HorecaTraders supplies standing electric fryers with single or double fryer. The energy-efficient electric fryers are suitable for intensive use and have a stainless steel construction. In the cabinets under the fryer there is room for storage for other frying supplies. The temperature is easily adjustable via simple operation by means of rotary knobs.

The Combisteel Electric Fryer with lowercase is a widely sold model electric fryer. The double fryer has a capacity of 2 x 13 liters. This Combisteel fryer is made with very powerful elements for extra high output capacity. In addition, the Combisteel fryer offers maximum security and control lights. All fryers are supplied with a basket fryer.

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