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You can buy bread slicers at Horeca Traders

Bread slicers can be found at Horeca Traders. Order today = Use your new bread slicer tomorrow!

Traders Horeca supplies bread slicers for cutting bread and baguette in equal sizes. With the Robot Coupe baguette cutter you can produce 180 to 360 slices of bread per minute, without tearing or crushing the bread.

The Robot Coupe baguette slicers have a very advanced safety system, with for example automatic safety shutdown after the machine has been running for 1 minute without load. The Robot Coupe baguette machines have a full stainless steel construction and a detachable stainless steel knife. With the Robot Coupe Baguette Slicer | Cut TP180 baguettes into slices from 8 to 80 mm thick.

Want to buy a simple and safe bread slicer?

Of course Horeca Traders also supplies “normal” bread slicers, such as the Sofinor Bread slicer Wit | Bread Via Rear - 550W . This bread slicer has a simple operation by means of the handle. The plexiglass on the back also makes this bread slicer very safe to use.

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