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Horeca wok burner gas can be found online at HorecaTraders

Wok burner gas are available online at HorecaTraders. Order today = tomorrow your wok plate received

HorecaTraders supplies wok plates with 1 to 8 burners. The burners are separate from each other and are removable so that you can clean the wax plate easily. The wok boards are of renowned brands, such as Saro. Saro delivers high quality stainless steel wax plates with robust design.

At HorecaTraders you can choose between a wok gas cooker with or without chassis. The advantage of a chassis is that you can easily put all kinds of cooking utensils in the shelves under the gas burners. If you are looking for a suitable wokpan for your Asian cuisine, you can click on this link to view our range of wokpans.

A professional stainless steel wax plate for intensive use

The Saro Gas Wok Cookie with 4 burners is an enrichment for any prof