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Making pancakes with the crêpes baking trays?

You can find professional crêpes baking trays at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Use your crepe baking tray tomorrow!

With crêpes machines you can bake the most delicious pancakes and crêpes. The crepe baking trays come in handy in a bakery, pancake house or crêpe stand at a festival, for example. Horeca Traders offers both electric crepe plates and crepes machines that work on propane gas. There are pancake machines with one or two plates available in our range. You can also purchase accessory sets from the crepe machines to get even more out of your crepe baking tray.

The crepes machines are from the best brands such as Buffalo, Diamond, Casselin. Horeca Traders selects the crêpes plates based on, among other things, user comfort, quality and durability. The accessory sets can be purchased from the related articles and contain, for example, portioning spoons, spatulas and dough dividers.

A crêpe machine for every catering establishment

The stainless steel Hendi Crepe Griddle is a commonly used crepe machine. This Hendi crepe baking tray has an even heat distribution for optimal results. This Hendi crêpe machine is continuously adjustable from 50 to 300 degrees. The baking tray has a diameter of 40cm and is made of enamelled cast iron. The Hendi crepe baking tray comes with a wooden spatula. You can store all your accessories in the storage drawer of the Hendi crêpes machine.

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