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Are you busy in the kitchen but misses you still just that one product? Big chance that Hendi kitchen items you can help. Hendi Hospitality Traders supplies via a wide range of kitchen appliances Hendi, Hendi Hendi buffet items and tableware and kitchenware. Hendi has more than 4,000 articles in its range which are made specifically for the professional trade market. Hendi is focused on continuous innovation and solutions that are tailored to the needs of the customer. Besides the assortment Hendi Hospitality Traders also supplies Hendi parts and accessories from stock. You can buy these by emailing [email protected].

Hendi can help you whipped devices to barbecues . Hendi a barbecue that is suitable for any professional environment, the Hendi Charcoal barbecue Butcher . This barbecue is made of stainless steel and compact the removable legs. Hendi guarantees high quality products at an affordable price.

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