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Kebab equipment and shoarma equipment are available at HorecaTraders

Kebab knives and kebab grills can be found at catering trades. Order Today = Morning delicious dna and kebab grill!

HorecaTraders supplies dinners and kebab grills for the dönerzaak. The grilled spies and kebabs come from the best brands, such as Diamond and Hendi. You can choose a kebab grill with a capacity of 35 to 55 kg of meat. The windmills are available both with smooth knife and knitted knife.

Tasty kebab grills a drones

HorecaTraders supplies both electric dancer grills and dancer grills working on gas. The meat is heated evenly and will stay fresh with the HorecaTraders professional kebab grills. For the delivery of döner and pizza we also supply special thermoboxes. These thermoboxes will keep your döner, hairdresser and other tasty dishes at temperature during delivery.

The Hospitality Traders Gas Döner / Gyrosgrill is equipped with 3 independent burners. Due to the uniform heating, the meat will be nicely straightened. In addition, this donkergrill also has a handy drip tray for fat collection.

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