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You can buy stainless steel sinks at HorecaTraders

Stainless Steel Sinks are available in various types and sizes at Hospitality Traders. The stainless steel sink tables are available with the sink right, left or in the middle. There are also stainless steel sink tables with one or double sink for sale at HorecaTraders. The stainless steel sinks are suitable for any professional environment.

The working height of virtually all solenoids is adjustable by means of the adjustable legs. The bottom shelf is also adjustable in height. Inox sink tables can be custom made, but take into account a higher price than a standard model. We also supply stainless steel AISI430 and stainless steel AISI304 sinks, these types of sinks are suitable for laboratories.

Horeca sink tables from the best brands

HorecaTraders supplies washing tables from most renowned brands, such as Combisteel, Bartscher and Vogue. The most sold model sink is the Combisteel Sink Stainless Steel Professional . This model is available in three sizes and has a sink of 50x50x35 cm. This Combisteel sink is hygienic and easy to clean. With this Combisteel sink table no tap is included, but these are available separately.

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