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Horeca Traders delivers plug-in refrigerated counters within 24 hours

For the presentation of your products refrigerated counters are great. Horeca Traders display offers refrigerated counters for all sorts of purposes, from meat and fish refrigerated counters to snack display cases. We supply glass refrigerated counters with curved glass as straight glass. Also offers Catering Traders corner refrigerated counters and refrigerated counters tabletop. To the refrigerated counters range also includes the display counters on wheels, perfect for when you are cleaning for example.

A refrigerated counter where you can very many different products showcase the CombiSteel Refrigerated display counter . In this CombiSteel refrigerated counter display can include meats, beverages, and dairy dishes. The CombiSteel refrigerated counter has a forced cooling and an automatic defrost. In addition, the products are attractively presented by the evenly distributed illumination of the display.

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