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3 Doors salad ettes buy from Hospitality Traders

The three-door mini-salad are great for intensive use, for instance to prepare sandwiches, pizzas or vegetables. The three-door mini-salad have efficient cooling engines and good insulation. There are also very energy efficient ECO models salad ettes for Sale Catering Traders. The luxury 3-door refrigerated salad ettes are available with plastic or granite worktop. There are a number of models 3-door mini-salad equipped with a stainless steel lid to keep the ingredients as hygienic.

The Polar Stainless Saladette 3 door is very popular among the 3-door mini-salad. The Polar sala diere accommodate 4 x 1/1 GN containers, but there are many different options for the layout of the GN containers. Hence this Polar 3doors saladette is very suitable for the industrial kitchen. By modern digital display this Polar 3doors saladette very easy and efficient to use. The Polar saladette has a plastic sheet and three self-closing doors. You can keep your stock of fresh produce in the refrigerator under the GN containers.

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