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Built-in Fryers

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Built-in fryers

Built-in fryers are usually a must for hospitality entrepreneurs. Nowadays there are peat fried dishes in the menus. Think, for example, of fries as a standard side dish, for example. A built-in fryer is a great solution that is used a lot. The bins offer more space for baking and are easy to clean due to the stainless steel housing. Stainless steel equipment is very hygienic and therefore widely used in the hospitality industry.


Different types of fryers for the hospitality industry at Horeca Traders

Do you have a large fryer in your company? Then choose a large electric fryer, for example. Of course you can also contact us for the gas variant. You can also contact us for various associated accessories.


Good and solid: the quality of Horeca Traders

Horeca Traders focuses on quality. You will also notice this when you order a deep fryer from us. Of course we think it is important that you can fry carefree in the long term. Is a smaller fryer more convenient for you than a built-in fryer? We also have the smaller fryers for sale. Of course you will also receive the smaller fryers in the same quality.


Interested? Order quickly and conveniently from Horeca Traders or speak to us!

You can order products safely and worry-free on our site. Your order will always be shipped as soon as possible. Do you have questions? We are always there for you. By telephone, e-mail or chat. We can be reached by telephone on the following number: 072-72 022 53. If you prefer to email us, please use [email protected] . Prefer the chat? Our employees are ready for you at www.horecatraders.com .


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