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Buy extractor hoods for company kitchens and the catering industry online at Horeca Traders

You can find extractor hoods at Horeca Traders. Order today = install your new extractor tomorrow!

During the preparation of food in the kitchen toxic gases and dust particles are released. Emissions can pose a risk to the health of you, your staff and your customers. Horeca Traders supplies extraction systems and extractor hoods for the catering industry that ensure clean air in the workplace and your establishment.

With 1 click you can buy your extractor hood online. We offer wall hoods from 1 meter to 5 meters and longer, we can also supply tailor-made hoods. The selection and choice of your extractor hood is partly determined by the power of the motor which is expressed in RPM (number of rotations per minute). Depending on the intensity of the kitchen and emissions from, for example, the deep fryer or baking tray, you can opt for wall hoods with 1 filter to 10 filter