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You can buy pastry accessories at Horeca Traders

Horeca Traders supplies whipped cream patterns, pastry molds, piping bags, nozzles and many other bakery supplies. The high-quality baking tins have a non-stick coating, so that the contents dissolve easily and neatly after baking. In addition, the pastry molds are HACCP approved and therefore suitable for professional use.

The Vogue Non-Stick Muffin Baking Tray | 12 Shapes is ideal for bakeries and cafes. The mold is made of carbon steel and provided with a non-stick coating. The Vogue muffin baking pan is suitable for both home and professional use. The cavities are 3 cm deep and the size of the baking tray is 27 cm x 35 cm.

Silicone baking molds for professional catering

You can also contact Horeca Traders for professional silicone baking molds, suitable for catering entrepreneurs but also for at home. The advantage of silicone bakeware is that they are dishwasher safe and HACCP approved. An example of such a silicone baking mold is the Horeca Traders Formaflex silicone baking mold | 15 shapes .

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