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Baking pizza with a professional pizza oven?

Pizza ovens can be found at HorecaTraders. Order today , and Make pizzas tomorrow!

Are you looking for a professional pizza oven? HorecaTraders delivers single and double pizza ovens from brands such as Saro, Gastro-M and Resto Italia. The pizza ovens have a capacity that varies from 1 to 12 pizzas. The pizza ovens come in handy in a restaurant, hotel or pizzeria and are easy to use.

HorecaTraders delivers pizza ovens made from canned steel and stainless steel material. We also supply mini-pizza ovens that you can use for example to bake delicious pizzas at home. Also for pizza oven parts you are at the right place at HorecaTraders. You can order these by mailing a description of the part to [email protected]

Pizza ovens for the pizzeria or at home

The Bartscher Double Professional Pizza Oven is suitable for baking very large quantities of pizzas. There are 9 pizzas of 33 cm in one room, so 18 pizzas in the entire oven. The temperature is adjustable to 450 degrees, in order