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Buy Gas Fryers - HorecaTraders

Horeca fritters can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Morning your fries, fish or churros fry!

HorecaTraders provides professional gas fryers in restaurants, snack bars and other institutions. The gas fryers come from the most well-known brands, such as Bartscher and Gastro-M. The gas fryers have a full stainless steel housing and meet all the requirements for the intensive catering industry. The various gas fryers table model features handy features, such as a crumb trap and drain valve. In intensive use, a gas fryers advantageous for your wallet. If you occasionally use the fryer, you can choose better for an electric model.

The Gastro-M Fryer 8 + 8 liter is suitable for professional use with its 16 liter capacity. The 2 vapor pipes per frying care ensure a quick heating time. The Gastro-M fryer has a thermostatic safety valve and a piëzo ignition. This Gastro-M gas fryer comes complete with frying baskets and comes standard in natural gas.

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