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You can buy stainless steel and plastic buckets at HorecaTraders

Stainless steel and plastic buckets can be found at HorecaTraders. Order today = use your bucket.

HorecaTraders supplies buckets suitable for professional and home use. We offer buckets of plastic and stainless steel. The handles of the buckets provide grip and are of high quality. The capacity of the buckets varies from 7 to 15 liters, so there is always something for you. Some buckets even have a graduation so you can see exactly how much content is in the bucket. Horeca Traders has buckets suitable for grease storage, cleaning, window cleaning and much more.

Buckets for every job in multiple formats

With the RVS buckets from HorecaTraders you can easily measure large quantities of liquid for which measuring cups are too small. The Hendi stainless steel buckets 7 liter is one of our best-selling models that we offer on our website. The heavy stainless steel used for the construction of the bucket ensures that the bucket lasts for a long time. The handle of the stainless steel bucket ensures extreme stability and grip. The bucket has a reinforced bottom and an accurate graduation, so that you can read the exact contents.

For the largest measuring jobs in the kitchen we also have a solution: the HorecaTraders Heavy Duty Bucket 15 liters . This strong plastic bucket has a strong metal handle with a practical loop.

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