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You can find heat-resistant pan scrapers online at Horeca Traders

You can buy pan scoops at Horeca Traders. Order today = clean your pan tomorrow with the pan scraper.

For pan scrapers you have come to the right place at Horeca Traders. Brands such as Rubbermaid, APS, Vogue supply a wide variety of pan scrapers and other kitchen utensils. For example, you can opt for a plastic pan scraper or a heat-resistant pan scraper.

A pan scraper has one rounded corner and one right corner, making pan scrapers suitable for every model of pan. A pan scraper is therefore the ultimate piece of kitchen utensils to prevent food waste.

Buy a dishwasher safe pan scraper?

The Vogue Pot Scraper is a popular pot scraper with a favorable price / quality ratio. The rubber end is flexible and foldable, while the plastic handle is robust. This Vogue pan scraper is available in 3 sizes and is dishwasher safe.

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