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Want to buy a 4 door sala diere?

Horeca Traders delivers 4-door saladieres brands like Saro Afinox, Bartscher. The 4-door saladieres suitable for intensive daily use, for example a bakery or a grande café.

The Saro Refrigerated Preparation Table with 4 doors has everything you need within reach. There could be a lot of stock to be stored in the refrigerated storage area with a capacity of 855 liters. In addition the fourteen 1/3 GN containers you have the space to store ingredients in a hygienic manner. The GN containers can be closed off completely by means of two stainless steel lids. In the refrigerator can sit grids of 60x40 cm. The interior and exterior are stainless steel and the worktop is made of granite. The GN containers are not supplied with the Saro saladette.

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