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Cleaning trolleys

At HorecaTraders you can go for any kind of cleaning trolley, from simple mop buckets to professional cleaning trucks with all the trimmings. The cleaning trolleys are from the best brands, such as Rubbermaid and Saro. You can also come to us for hotel serving trolleys, garbage bag trucks and household cars.

The Horeca Traders Mopemmer and Wringer | 4 Colors comes in handy in every kind of catering facility. The easily movable bucket stands on sturdy wheels and is equipped with a "Wet Floor" warning. The extra long handle allows you to easily operate the wringer.

For larger agencies, such as schools, kitchens and hospitals, the HorecaTraders Schoonmaakwagen | Garbage bag very suitable. This cleaning trolley is equipped with 2 buckets including a compactor and a frame for 70 liters of garbage bags. This cleaning trolley is entirely made of durable plastic.

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