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keep fresh vegetables with 1 door sala diere

The one-door saladette have been selected for hospitality entrepreneurs who suffer from lack of space. The compact size of the one-door saladieres apply them at home in any professional kitchen. The one-door refrigerated salad ettes are also easy to combine with other salad ettes. Traders hospitality industry delivers one-door mini-salad of major brands like CombiSteel, Bartscher and Saro.

A widely sold 1-door saladette the CombiSteel Small Saladette 1 x 1/1 GN . This CombiSteel saladette offers very high quality by the forced cooling and automatic defrost. Because space saladette often buy these CombiSteel plays a role, CombiSteel the door made reversible. If you are looking saladette to a larger model, we also offer 2-, 3-, or 4 door saladette to.

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