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Robot Coupe machines buy from HorecaTraders

In the heart of French Burgundy, Robot Coupe invented the kitchen machine more than 40 years ago. The range of Robot Coupe ranges from vegetable cutters to bar mixers. For example, the various Robot Coupe machines are only available in restaurants, hotels, pastry shops, and so on.

Due to the design and quality of the materials, Robot Coupe machines are meant to last a long time. The machines combine powerful performance with energy savings, to achieve optimal efficiency.

Multifunctional vegetable cutter for different vegetables

The Robot Coupe Vegetable Cutter CL 50 (230V) is a real best seller within the Robot Coupe series. With this machine you can cut all kinds of vegetables quickly and easily into small pieces. There can be 50 types of discs in combination with this Robot Coupe vegetable cutter. For example, you can cut vegetables in any shape in one machine. The Robot Coupe vegetable cutter has two different input ports with detachable cover.

We have all Robot Coupe products and Robot Coupe parts in stock.

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