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You can buy professional pans online at Horeca Traders

Do you want to cook, bake or roast? With a good pan of catering quality you can be sure that your dishes will be tasty. The professional pans of Horeca Traders are characterized by their ease of use, even heat distribution and robustness. The catering pans are suitable for both commercial and home use. The pans are made of various materials. You have the choice between pans with a non-stick coating or ceramic coating and stainless steel or cast iron.

Bake a schnitzel or make a tasty omelette? With the frying pans of Horeca Traders you can be sure that you have a suitable pan for every dish. If you want to serve a large group of delicious soup quickly, Horeca Traders also has cooking pans of no less than 50 liters. Want to make tasty paella? You can choose between more than 20 types of paella pans. Most pans from Horeca Traders are suitable for all heat sources, including induction. In the product description you can read whether a pan is suitable for gas, electricity or ceramic cooking.

Why do I buy pans from HorecaTraders?

The reliability of our catering pans is of course determined by solid manufacturers such as Bartscher, Bourgeat, De Buyer and Vogue. These professional pan manufacturers stand for experience and competence. The experience is justified by the many years of brand awareness in Europe. The competence is tested annually by leading inspection bodies such as DEKRA, NVLG and other industry organizations that have high quality. In addition, they offer favorable value for money pans. We will commit to getting the best catering pans or pan sets within your budget.

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