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Kitchen towels, tea towels and oven towels for catering or at home

Kitchen towels can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Use your new kitchen towel tomorrow!

Horeca Traders supplies a wide range of kitchen towels, such as tea towels, oven towels and glass towels. The oven towels are used to hold hot objects, such as pans and oven trays. To clear your glass from grease stains, the glass cloths are suitable. The tea and towels are absorbent and suitable for both professional use and home use.

The popular HorecaTraders Chef tea towel | 2 Colors is made of high quality cotton. This tea towel is available in two colors and has a thick structure. If you are looking for a suitable oven, you can, for example, opt for the HorecaTraders Ovendoek . This oven cloth is made of 100% cotton and has a size of 85 x 45 cm.

Looking for other kitchen items?

Horeca Traders delivers many other products for your kitchen, such as kitchen paper, cleaning wipes and disposable towels. For example, you can go to Horeca Traders for Jumbo Toilet Rollers and many other toiletries.

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