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Banquet trolleys can be found online at Horeca Traders

You can find banquet trolleys at Horeca Traders. order today = use tomorrow.

Traders Horeca supplies Banquet trolleys for in a restaurant or hotel. The buffet trolleys are from the best brands, such as Bartscher, Combisteel and Saro. The banquet trolleys are suitable for keeping dishes warm or cold for a long time. A banquet trolley offers a solution to transport your dishes and keep them warm at the same time. The mobile banquet trolleys with double insulation, control hatch, cooling and warming function and space for grids and trays, make transporting cold or hot food easy

This banquet trolley is perfectly suited for keeping food warm. The handy handles make them easy to maneuver.

Want to buy a catering food transport trolley?

You can also contact Horeca Traders for food transport trolleys , such as the banquet trolley from Combisteel . Keeps the banquet evenly warm and protects well against the cold. Has space for 18 x 2/1 GN containers.

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