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Pre-rinse showers with intermediate tap

A pre-rinse shower with intermediate tap is very popular in the catering industry. With this type of pre-rinse shower you can easily switch between the pre-rinse shower and the intermediate tap. At Horeca Traders you can go for any kind of pre-rinse shower, from 1-hole and 2-hole models to pre-rinse showers with mixer tap or single tap.

For smaller catering establishments, such as a snack bar or sports canteen , the Horeca Traders Pre-Rinse Shower with Mixer Tap is excellent. This pre-rinse shower has a good price / quality ratio and is experienced as very robust and user-friendly.

The Bartscher Gastro Mixing Jib Tap is an ideal pre-rinse shower for professional catering establishments, such as hotels or restaurants. The powerful 3 bar water jet is adjustable up to 40 liters per minute.

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