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Buy Fish fryer - HorecaTraders

Fish fryers can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Morning your fish fryer!

With the fish baking fritters and bakery critters of HorecaTraders you can cook the best fish or oil balls. You can choose an electric fish fry or a gas fish fry. The fishbowl fritters are characterized by the large frying baskets with two handles. All models have a safety thermostat that turns on when a temperature of 230 ° C has been reached. The fishbowl freezer is available in both table and stand model.

The Bartscher electric baker 's scratch is suitable for continuous use and available in both gas and electrical performance. The basket has insulated handles and a capacity of 16 liters. All components of this Bartscher fryer are easily accessible and interchangeable. The temperature is adjustable between 95 ° C and 195 ° C and can be read on the thermostat. As an accessory you can order a drip from this Bartscher fryer.

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