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Buy Bone Saw at HorecaTraders

You can find bonesaws at horecatraders.com. Order Today = Use your bonesaw tomorrow!

HorecaTraders supplies bones saws in the professional butcher's shop. With a bone saw you can cut a simple frozen fish or meat into pieces. The Diamond Bones saws are known for their durability and long life. The stainless steel bones saws are easy to use and very hygienic. You can also cut large pieces of meat with a chopping knife, but there is more chance of damaging the meat.

The base of the Diamond bones saws is made of anodised aluminum. In addition, the machine is on four sturdy legs, so you can work comfortably. The bone saws can be delivered very quickly and are almost always in stock.

A bones saw for every professional butcher's shop

The Diamond Bones Saw Professional is made for easy sawing of frozen fish and meat. The band saw made of stainless steel has a length of 1830 mm and a maximum cutting height of 210 mm. The base of this Diamond bone saw is made of anodised aluminum. The Diamond bones saw has a stainless steel AISI 304 caliber plate and is equipped with a displacement pusher.

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