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Order built-in au bain Marie's for the catering industry at Horeca Traders

Order built-in au bain marie's for the catering industry at Horeca Traders

If you need warming equipment, it is best to contact Horeca Traders. Here you can view the various options for a built-in au bain marie's. The custom au bain marie will be delivered to the exact supplied dimensions for seamless integration into your kitchen. You can keep the dishes warm while enjoying the efficient kitchen layout. The tailor-made au bain marie's are delivered to different types of catering companies, fully tailored to your wishes.

Au bain marie and the catering industry

Are you looking for heat bridges, for example? Then you've come to the right place at Horeca Traders. You are probably wondering what au bain marie is. This is the French term for the gradual heating of food. Officially, a container of boiling water was used to keep the dish warm in a container above it. Today the term is used for anything to do with keeping warm. And you can order all this from Horeca Traders.

Quality: equipment made of high-quality stainless steel

Our warming equipment is of the highest quality. Horeca Traders is also known for this. High-quality stainless steel is used for the au bain marie's. We do everything we can to offer you quality and durability. Our Percolators are an example of this. Ideal for keeping coffee warm.

The wholesaler for catering equipment: Horeca Traders

Hospitality Traders is the best place to order your catering equipment. In addition to our au bain marie's, you can also contact us for, among other things, ice machines, grease separators, but also, for example, spatulas and other small material. The place to do your business, but also private kitchen groceries!

Take advantage of the fast and good service at Horeca Traders and order an au bain marie quickly!

Are you interested in purchasing one of our warming products? Do not hesitate , order via www.Horecatraders.com and receive your product at home within 3 working days. Safe and guaranteed. Would you like to learn more about Horeca Traders? Do not hesitate and call us at the following number: 072-72 022 53. Would you rather send an email? This can be sent to [email protected] . we will answer the emails as soon as possible. You can also chat with us! This can be done on our site.

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