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Robot Coupe Vegetable Cutters buy at Hospitality Traders

Robot Coupe vegetable cutters suitable for hotels and restaurants or catering intensive environment

The Robot Coupe vegetable cutters have unprecedented cutting opportunities. Horeca Traders delivers Robot Coupe vegetable cutters and a wide range of optional Robot Coupe knives. Due to the large trough in the vegetable slicers even the most voluminous greetings such as cabbage and lettuce to process at once.

The Robot Coupe vegetable cutter CL 50 (230V) is a real bestseller in the Robot Coupe series. With this machine you can quickly and easily find all kinds of vegetables cut into small pieces. There 50 types of discs can be used with this Robot Coupe vegetable cutter. So you can cut vegetables into any shape in one machine. Robot Coupe vegetable cutting machine has two inlet openings with removable lid.

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