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Doormats and anti-fatigue mats from Horeca Traders

You can contact us for professional doormats and anti-fatigue mats. Bolero door mats are simple, but very good quality. You can choose from two dimensions, 60 x 90 cm and 90 x 150 cm.

Besides doormats you can also come to us for anti-fatigue mats, also called ergomatten. These mats increase the comfort on the work floor and also contribute to a safe working environment due to the anti-slip function. The floor mats promote blood circulation in the legs and ensure the right balance.

A popular ergomat is the HorecaTraders Anti-Fatigue Mat Black | 90 x 150 cm . This ergomat has a bevelled edge, ideal for use at countertops, bar areas, wet areas or areas where staff is long-term. This mat is also available in red.

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