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Stylish and scratch-resistant tray for the catering industry

HorecaTraders supplies magazines that meet your every need. From bamboo trays to stackable APS trays, the range of HorecaTraders has the appropriate tray for every catering establishment.

Service sheets may seem like simple products, with little technology coming out, but they are certainly not. For example, the trays must be stable and scratch resistant. In addition, HorecaTraders also supplies serving sheets that have a special plastic construction. These plastic slabs with anti-slip coating are specially made for serving beverages.

An unbreakable tray for drinks or dishes

An example of such a drink dill sheet is the Antislip Glasfiber Black Dienblad . This tray is available in 3 sizes and virtually unbreakable. The anti-slip tray is suitable for serving beer, fresh or other beverages. For serving dishes, the Cambro Dienblad Mahonie is suitable. This laminated Cambro server blade is available in several colors: birchwood, mahogany and dark granite.

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