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Why would you pay more for a 5-piece catering gas stove?

Professional gas cookers can be found at horecatraders.com. Order Today = Your gas cooker delivered with 24/48 hours.

5-burner gas cookers are available from HorecaTraders. The 5-burner gas cookers are suitable for the small gastronomy, associations or for the hobby cookie. The gas cookers with multifunctional oven are the most renowned brands, such as Bartscher, Hendi and Saro. The gas cookers have many convenient features, such as a timer and ignition protection.

The Saro Gas Stove With Gas Furnace | 5 Burners has an extra large convection gas cooker. This Saro gas stove is suitable for semi professional use and comes with 1 baking tray and 1 grill. The burners have different powers and handy knobs to determine the gas level per pit. This gas cooker has enamelled furnace supports that can withstand any cooking load.

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