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Condensate water pumps for drainage of condensed water

HorecaTraders supplies many types of condensation water pumps for multiple applications. The drain pumps are used to drain condensation water. A condensate pump is useful in various settings, such as hotels, offices and hospitals.

Most condensed water pumps are suitable for a maximum water temperature of 40 ° C. In addition to the drainage of condensation water, some pumps are also capable of filtering dirt from the water. What is of course also important with a drain pump is a quiet operation. The condensate pumps from Aspen therefore have a low noise level.

A condensate water pump to everyone's liking

A nice example of a complete condensation water pump is the Aspen Pumps Condensate Discharge Pump . This pump has the lowest dB (A) rating & the best IP rating (splashproof) within the tank pumps. In addition, this Aspen pump has a built-in spirit level. We also supply condensate drain pumps that can be placed underneath cooling units, such as the Aspen Pumps cooling unit condensate discharge pump . A solid stainless steel pump designed to be placed under the cooling unit.

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