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HorecaTraders offers an extensive range of digital scales. A digital catering scale offers many functionalities. For example, a digital scale clearly shows the weight and the design is often a lot more attractive than with an analog scale. The weight is often displayed by means of an LCD screen.

The scale brand Cas falls under the range and is also offered here at HorecaTraders. Cas weighing equipment for fast and accurate weighing. Due to the precision of the scales and upperweigher, Cas is used in various sectors. The Cas scales work on batteries, accumulator and/or adapter, so they are easy to carry and use anywhere.

The Cas scales come in different shapes and sizes from 23x19cm to sizes such as 36x46cm. The material is stainless steel. The digital numbers are easy and clear to read, scale easy to clean. The legs under the scale are non-slip, so they don't move and can take a beating. The small scales can weigh up to 6 kg and the large scales can weigh up to 150 kg.

The buttons and functions are clearly marked and easy to use. The weighing unit can also be set to kilo (kg), ounce (oz) and pound (lb).

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