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CSR & Sustainability

Traders Hospitality is at the heart of society. So we also actively participate in activities and initiatives that contribute to that. We are active in all conceivable areas.

Catering Traders will enable users of catering equipment able to make simple choices about the catering equipment that they purchase. As an organization, our focus is on energy and efficient catering equipment, while maximizing environmental benefits can be achieved.

We are committed to selecting energy efficient catering equipment for our customers. Our products are designed and manufactured by our broad range of business partners. Catering Traders consciously seeks suppliers of green labels. As a leading company in sustainability Catering Traders will strive to continuously improve environmental performance.

For example, the hand dryers assortment consisting of quiet, clean and fuel-efficient hand dryers. The new generation of hand dryers consume much less energy. With these products, we strive to reduce costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

We strive to reduce the risk of serious or irreversible damage to the environment and / or health.

If you have questions about Hospitality Traders and corporate social responsibility, please mail to: [email protected] .


Catering Traders sponsors various types of cultural and sporting initiatives; which may be amateur, but also the work of (semi-) professionals. We are also sponsors youth football teams.
The breakdown of the amount available loves Catering Traders account with a good distribution of sports and cultural activities.

As an organization we are usually looking for sponsorship opportunities. Have a suggestion or a proposal? Of course we know!

You can send your mail to [email protected] .