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Horeca Traders delivers freezers with two doors

Do you need a big freezer with many storage options? The freezers with two doors are the ideal solution. Traders Horeca supplies many kinds of double door freezer cabinets in any professional environment. All double door holding freezers are the most reliable brands like Bartscher, CombiSteel and Diamond. Traders and catering industry offers freezers with two doors next to each other, but also with two doors, one above the other. In addition, Hospitality Traders also supplies forced catering freezers with two doors. Whether you need a double door refrigerator with glass doors of 700 or 1400 liters, Catering Traders has the solution for you.

The Polar Great Hospitality Vrieskast 1200 liters is suitable for storing a lot of stock. The Polar stock freezer has 4 braked castors, making this Polar freezer firmly in place state. The six adjustable shelves and two bottom grids give you many storage options. The Polar stainless steel freezer is provided with a digital temperature display (-10C to -20C), and an electronic controller.

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