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Dometic was already started in 1919 by two Swedish engineering students. They had designed a cooling cabinet without a compressor, without moving parts and without ice. They have done this by heating a boiler. this causes a coolant to circulate in the system that absorbs heat and thereby creates a cooling effect. Their cupboard appears to be the first refrigerator in the world. The product fell under Electrolux, but in 1968 the department got its own name: Dometic.

Dometic is active in more than 100 countries and is known for its excellent quality and sensational performance. Dometic's innovative technology is ahead of its competitors and forms the basis for future developments in the industry. The attractive Dometic wine cabinets, refrigerators, mini bars and safes have proven their worth in households and professional applications for decades. The equipment is available in various sizes and designs and they meet the highest quality requirements.

The core activity of Dometic is based on the invention of absorption technology and its various cooling applications. For example, the Dometic RH 430 NTE Peltier minibar has the latest technology, making this minibar 100% silent. In addition, this minibar is also very economical with an emission of only 0.29 kWh / 24h.

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