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HorecaTraders Vacuum Machines to keep food fresher

Vacuuming machines can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Receive your vacuum machine tomorrow.

HorecaTraders supplies vacuum machines for the catering industry, but also for companies in the food industry and other sectors of the heavy industry, such as the chip industry. The professional vacuum machines feature functional design with optimum ease of use and long service life.

The Henkelman Jumbo 30 Vacuum Machine is a popular vacuum machine within our range. This table-top vacuum machine is suitable for a wide variety of products and dimensions. The Henkelman Jumbo 30 vacuum machine is completely made of stainless steel and has a transparent lid. The rounded corners and removable seal beams make the Henkelman vacuum machine easy to clean.

A Henkelman vacuum machine for every job

You can also go to HorecaTraders for vacuum machine parts, Henkelman service kits / maintenance sets and optional accessories. You can also order a number of options, such as a high cover or slanted insertion plate, with the related articles.

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